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Wedding ceremony bracteat

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JORD Collection 925 Sterling Silver made in Sweden
Size: approx. height 1.65 inches and width 1.26 mm.

We are caretakers for the future generations...

Our pendants are something extra. We go the extra mile to create something unique just for you where every piece is one of a kind, since it is hand made. A special customized jewelry for you to wear for decades. You are just a caretaker for future generations.

A symbol of Love. Two people is united in a ceremony. The symbol in the middle is inspired by the carvings in Vitlycke, Tanumshede. This is a famous place in Sweden where you can find lots of ancient carvings. This special one is called the wedding couple. 

This piece of jewellery is shaped like the ancient "Braktea't". A magnificent piece of jewellery which can be used as an amulet. The Vikings and their ancestors wore these to protect themselves against evil and in the hope that they would bring them prosperity.

In the 'Edda' saga by Snorre Sturlasson you can read about the tale of Angerboda's and Loke's child the Midgard (Middle Earth) serpent who was thrown into the sea by Odin. It grew with such speed that soon it surrounded all of the Earth and bit itself on its tail. During religious ceremonies the Vikings wished for a long and good marriage. In Bohuslan in the west of Sweden you will find the runes of Vitlycke depicting a couple recently joined in wedlock (in the middle of the medallion).

Before the 8th century all of Scandinavia had a fairly coherent language called ancient Nordic. The text on the lower part of the Medallion reads: 'I Anna cut these runes'. Silver was the most precious metal to the Vikings. Silver jewellery is often found in broken pieces, enabling us to draw the conclusion that the Vikings often traded using silver.

The path to present times leads through history…


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