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Serpent big bracteat

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JORD Collection 925 Sterling Silver made in Sweden
Size: approx. height 2,16 inches and width 1,8 inches.

We are caretakers for the future generations...

Our pendants are something extra. We go the extra mile to create something unique just for you where every piece is one of a kind, since it is hand made. A special customized jewelry for you to wear for decades. You are just a caretaker for future generations.

The big serpent is often tolt about in Nordic tales.

Midgard (Middle Earth) was the humans' world situated between the worlds of the gods and the giants. It was surrounded by a vast ocean. 
In the "Edda" by Snorre Sturlasson the story is told of a giant-woman called Angerboda who gave birth to three hideous children with Loke: Fenrisulven, The serpent of Midgard and Hel. Odin received word of that all three were born in Jotunheim and decided to strike: he threw Hel into Nifelheim, Fenrisulven who by this time was still a playful puppy, he kept in Valhalla. But the serpent of Midgard he threw into the sea where it grew at such a rate that it soon surrounded all of the earth and bit itself on its tail.
Silver was the most precious metal to the Vikings. Silver jewellery is often found in broken pieces, enabling us to draw the conclusion that the Vikings often traded using silver. 


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