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Birka Bracteat

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TOR Jewery 925 Sterling Silver made in Sweden
Size: approx. height 1.65 inches, width 1.26 inches. 

We are caretakers for the future generations...

Our pendants are something extra. We go the extra mile to create something unique just for you where every piece is one of a kind, since it is hand made. A special customized jewelry for you to wear for decades. You are just a caretaker for future generations.

This piece of jewellery is shaped like the ancient "Braktea't". A magnificent piece of jewelry which can be used as an amulet. The Vikings and their ancestors wore these to protect themselves against evil and in the hope that it would bring them prosperity. In the 'Edda' by Snorre Sturlasson you can read about the tale of Angerboda's and Loke's child the Midgard (Middle Earth) serpent who was thrown into the sea by Odin. It grew with such speed that soon it surrounded all of the Earth and bit itself in it's tail. At the centre of the circle you can see a "Voliv"-axe. The people of the Bronze age used these in holy ceremonies.

Magic or eternity signs were inscribed on many objects, ranging from graves to doors, to scare evil spirits. Those who had knowledge of the Runes in ancient history were considered highly priviliged members of the tribe. On this piece of jewellery the man who carved the Runes demonstrates his strength by defying the gods in the text:

"I write these Runes from power, I defy the gods".
This text was found on a stone in Valdres in Norway.

Silver was the most precious metal to the Vikings. Silver jewelry is often found in broken pieces, enabling us to draw the conclusion that the Vikings often traded using silver.

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